Week 21 pledge actions

Friends, This week is the first of the three major April Marches, happening this Saturday:   We hope that in the last few weeks, you’ve gained a deeper understanding of just why this issue is so important - now go forth and march! But don’t forget that there are a few other things going on … Continue reading Week 21 pledge actions


Week 20 pledge actions

Friends, As promised last week, this week we’ll continue dealing with three major issues - climate change, science, and taxes: 1) Hold the line on climate change 2) Let the EPA do its job: oppose H.R. 1430 and H.R. 1431 3) Learn About Tax Reform, Part 2 4) Attend Resistance School! As usual, please take … Continue reading Week 20 pledge actions

Week 19 pledge actions

Friends,   One victory won, a lot more to go! Last week’s AHCA debacle was a great triumph for the millions who get to keep their health coverage under Obamacare. It also makes clear that our resistance is working. This week has seen a new barrage of assaults, most notably on the livable climate that … Continue reading Week 19 pledge actions

Week 18 pledge actions

Friends, Welcome to our new and improved Solidarity pledge mailing list! We hope this new format is more user-friendly and makes it easier for you to stay engaged and active. Remember, we can provide you information and suggestions each week, but ultimately, we’re counting on YOU to take action! It’s an eventful week, with Congressional … Continue reading Week 18 pledge actions

Week 17 pledge actions

Friends, We have only three action items for you this week, but they’re all substantial ones, on issues that affect us all - health and the environment. There’s also a strong informational emphasis this week - it’s important to be well-informed as we hear and talk about these major issues. As always, do as many … Continue reading Week 17 pledge actions

Week 13 pledge actions

Friends, The tide of executive orders has slowed, but it’s still been an eventful week, with ICE raids, the resignation of Michael Flynn from his position as National Security Advisor, and increasing reports tying Trump aides to Russia. We’re especially worried about immigrants in light of the recent ICE actions, and have put together an … Continue reading Week 13 pledge actions

Week 12 pledge actions

Friends, In the mad rush of the last few weeks, it’s important that we remember one thing - our resistance is working. Yes, we’re still suffering setbacks, but popular pressure has already slowed the rollout of Trump’s abhorrent agenda significantly. Congress is certainly feeling the pressure. Another encouraging observation - studies of past civil resistance … Continue reading Week 12 pledge actions