Week 31 pledge actions

Friends, As you’ve no doubt heard, Democrat candidates for Congress lost their special elections in Georgia and South Carolina this week, both by margins of about 4%. With such narrow margins in two traditionally strongly-Republican districts, many have hailed the results as moral victories, while simultaneously recognizing that ‘moral victories’ ultimately aren’t enough. There are … Continue reading Week 31 pledge actions


Week 30 pledge actions

Friends, Only a few action items for you this week, but they’re urgent ones, and the first may be the most important we’ve had so far. Please do as many of them as you can, as well as recruiting more people to take the pledge! 1) Stop Trumpcare! 2) Final push to #FlipThe6th 3) [MA-specific] … Continue reading Week 30 pledge actions

Week 29 pledge actions

Friends, It’s been quite a week again in Trumpland. These last couple days, hearings for the Russia investigation have gotten into full swing. We’ll be bringing you more on that next week, but this week we’re taking a break from that whole affair to focus on something even bigger - climate change. Last week’s big … Continue reading Week 29 pledge actions

Week 28 pledge actions

Friends, Exciting news! The Solidarity Pledge is joining forces permanently with The Daily Resist Boston. Welcome to all of you Resisters - we look forward to standing in solidarity with you! We will be retaining our weekly format and mix of nationally- and locally-relevant action items - but now we are even more, and even … Continue reading Week 28 pledge actions

Week 27 pledge actions

Friends, A bit of good news today as a Federal appeals court upheld the injunction against Trump’s Muslim ban - a small but crucial step in protecting the rights and freedoms we all hold dear. Of course, those rights and freedoms remain under assault from the administration - most recently with the proposed Federal budget … Continue reading Week 27 pledge actions

Week 25 pledge actions – ALL HANDS ON DECK!

Friends, This is not a drill!  After almost everyone (including Speaker Paul Ryan) had declared the GOP’s American Health Care Act dead, it rose from the grave last week, with the House passing it 217-213 on Thursday after some tweaks.  If the Senate votes with the House (which could definitely happen), this cruel bill will … Continue reading Week 25 pledge actions – ALL HANDS ON DECK!

Week 24 pledge actions

Friends, 100+ days into this administration, they haven’t let up and neither will we. This week, we’ve got a summary & recap of the first hundred days, along with our usual fare of saving our health, environment, and basic democratic rights: 1) [URGENT] Save the Affordable Care Act (again…) 2) Follow-up on the People’s Climate … Continue reading Week 24 pledge actions

Week 23 pledge actions

Friends, You fought for science - now fight for our climate. In 2014, some 400,000 people thronged the streets of New York to demand action on climate change, a problem that threatens us all. This weekend will see the resurgence of that movement. We’ve explained in the last few weeks just why climate change matters … Continue reading Week 23 pledge actions

Week 22 pledge actions

Friends, April is (ironically enough!) March season, and this week we’ve got the second of the three major Marches, happening this Saturday: This weekend’s march is expected to be massive - we hope we’ve helped you clarify why you should march, and that we’ll see you there! In addition to that, this week we’re attending … Continue reading Week 22 pledge actions