Only a few action items for you this week, but they’re urgent ones, and the first may be the most important we’ve had so far. Please do as many of them as you can, as well as recruiting more people to take the pledge!

1) Stop Trumpcare!

2) Final push to #FlipThe6th

3) [MA-specific] Attend Indivisible MA conference

In addition, as promised last week, a brief mini-update on the Russian Front:

The last week saw two high-profile public Congressional hearings, with former FBI head James Comey testifying last week and Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifying yesterday. Comey’s testimony was damning but not conclusive, while Sessions was highly evasive in his hearing. It’s clear from the web of contradictions that there’s a lot of deception to unravel here. For now, though, the most important thing to remember is that it’s still very early in the investigation. For reference, it was over 2 years from the break-in at Watergate until Nixon’s resignation. So have patience, and in the meantime, keep fighting!


1) Stop Trumpcare!

We’ve heard remarkably little about the AHCA bill in the Senate in the last few weeks – and that’s part of the problem. It seems Senate Republicans are are hoping to pass the bill without even making it public – a gross violation of democratic norms, especially with a law as important as this one. (This secrecy may be linked to yesterday’s abortive and confused attempt to ban reporters from conducting impromptu interviews in the Capitol.)

The Republicans’ steamroller approach comes despite – or more likely because of – massive and widespread opposition to this terrible law. Recent polling shows the AHCA is more strongly opposed than supported in every single state, and just this week, a coalition of eight prominent medical advocacy groups (including the American Medical Association and AARP) expressed grave concerns about the bill’s coverage reductions.

While we don’t know exactly how bad the Senate’s version of the bill will be – because it hasn’t been made public, nor have its CBO ratings – we know the House version leaves 23 million more without healthcare and drives up costs for many vulnerable groups like the elderly.

For the sake of our healthcare and our democratic processes, we have to stop this bill.

What you can do:

  • Keep calling your senators!
    • While it may not seem to have much direct effect, this is one of the most important things you can do. Call volume is the first proxy for members of Congress of the level of support or opposition to a bill, and reports indicate that call volume on this issue has dropped off dramatically.
    • Rather than call your Senator’s general office number, you can contact their healthcare staffers directly. Contact information for each of the relevant staffers is available here, along with projected AHCA impacts state-by-state.
    • Call your senators regardless of whether they support, oppose, or are undecided on the AHCA. There are detailed scripts for each scenario available here. Don’t be afraid to tell your own stories – the staffers you’re speaking to are human, after all, and as individuals they care about healthcare, even if their bosses do not!
    • Recruit your friends in other states to call as well – especially those from states on the following list.
  • Protest in other ways! Visit Senators’ local offices, write letters to your local papers, hold nonviolent direct actions, and more! See Indivisible’s action plan for more ideas.
  • Stay abreast of the current status of the legislation with this tracker.

2) Final push to #FlipThe6th

The Georgia 6th District special election is next week! Latest polls indicate a slight advantage for Jon Ossoff, but the race remains too close to call – all the more reason to keep pushing ’til we’re over the line! Actions remain the same as last week – but this is your last chance to help. Be sure to recruit any friends you have in Georgia to help out as well, especially for in-person volunteering!

What you can do:

  • Donate to the campaign, or better yet, volunteer!
  • If it seems like we’re giving a lot of attention to this one race, there’s good reason for that:
    • The race is incredibly close and could be our first major electoral victory of the Trump era
    • It’s great practice for building organizing capacity for future electoral campaigns
    • As we saw with the Obamacare repeal vote in the House, which passed by just four votes, every single seat really counts!

3) [MA-specific] Attend Indivisible MA conference

Several Massachusetts-region local Indivisible groups are holding a joint conference on Sunday, June 25. Indivisible has emerged as one of the leading forces of the resistance, organizing locally on a wide range of issues. The conference is open only to members of local Indivisible groups, but if you’ve been thinking about getting involved, now is the perfect time!


That’s all for this week – as usual, keep encouraging people to take the pledge, and please share any thoughts or questions with us at!


Yours in solidarity and resistance,

Solidarity MIT



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